BEAUFORT 5-15 GLENFLESK 4-13 2017-07-10 23:46:00

Beaufort 5-15 Glenflesk 4-13

Beaufort played host to Glenflesk in Round 3 of the County League on Saturday, 8th April. Conditions were excellent with glorious sunshine and a strong breeze favouring Glenflesk in the first half. Glenflesk opened the game strongly with a goal from Darragh Roche from a penalty, another from Gavin Kelly and a point for Padraig Healy within the first five minutes. Beaufort answered this wel,l with five consecutive points from James Reilly, Liam Carey, Fergal Hallissey and Gerard Hartnett.  However, Glenflesk's Darragh Roche and Jeff O'Donoghue were hot on their heels with five more point,s to put the visitors seven points ahead. In what appeared to be a replay of the opening few minutes of the game, Beaufort's Liam Carey scored two goals, one from a penalty and this was swiftly followed by a fantastic point for James Reilly and one for Francis Courtney. Darragh Roche once again pointed for Glenflesk in the twenty-first minute and over the next five or so minutes both sides struggled with wide point attempts. Rounding out the first half, Gerard Hartnett and Niall O'Connor each pointed for Beaufort and Liam Carey was given a yellow card, but following the third penalty of the evening, taken by Darragh Roche, and two more points, one from Kieran A O'Donoghue, Glenflesk went into the break with a three-point lead. Half time score:   Beaufort 2-09 Glenflesk 3-09

Scoring in the second half got underway quickly with Fergal Hallissey pointing for Beaufort from a free in the opening sixty seconds. However, Glenflesk further extended their lead when, after a failed goal attempt by Lee O'Donoghue, Darragh Roche capitalised on the scramble to put the ball in the back of the net himself. Beaufort's Ronan Murphy and Padraig Doona kept the home side’s scores coming, each scoring points from play but with two more points from frees for Darragh Roche, it appeared Beaufort would not be able to get out in front. The turning point in the game came when the fourth and final penalty was awarded to Beaufort, after Ronan Murphy was brought down in front of the Glenflesk goal and this was taken and scored by Liam Carey. This was quickly followed by a goal for Padraig Doona, with the help of Ronan Murphy and then a point for James   Reilly.     Glenflesk's last two scores of the evening were a point from a free for Darragh Roche and one from play for Daniel O'Brien.   However, in a nail-biting last ten minutes, a point from a free for Carey and a further point from Padraig Doona looked to seal the deal for Beaufort, until two minutes into extra time Liam Carey once again fired the ball into the back of the Glenflesk net, after a great set up from Fergal Hallissey. Full time score: Beaufort 5-15 Glenflesk 4-13

Beaufort: Mike Moriarty, Michael J. O'Connor, Nathan Breen, Cormac O'Connor, Gerard Hartnett(0-02), Shane O'Sullivan, James O'Reilly(0-03), Ronan Murphy(0-01), Sean Kelliher, Mike Breen, Liam Carey(4-02), Ronan Ferris, Niall O'Connor(0-01), Francis Courtney(0-01), Fergal Hallissey.(0-03) Subs: Gary Coffey, Cian O'Sullivan, Kevin Ferris, Danny Healy, Sean Fogarty, Padraig Hallissey, Sean Foley, Padraig Doona(1-02), Brendan Cronin, Darragh Coffey, Michael Fogarty, Ciaran Kennedy.

 Glenflesk: Phelim Jacobs, Shane Courtney, Jerry Kennedy, Liam Warren, Ciaran O'Mahony, Kieran A O'Donoghue(0-01), Sean Lucey, Padraig Healy(0-01), Kieran Murphy, Brian O'Donoghue, Jeff O'Donoghue(0-01), Danny Lucey, Gavin Kelly(1-00), Darragh Roche(3-11), Lee O'Donoghue. Subs: Kenny Cronin, Kevin O'Callaghan, Finian Wall, Tom O'Doherty, Colm Tobin, James McCarrick, Darragh Kelliher, Donal O'Sullivan, Daniel O'Brien(0-01), Shane Dennehy, Ian Roche, Eric O'Donoghue, Michael O'Shea